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The Washington State University Decision Aid System (WSU-DAS) is a web-based program for tree fruits that integrates phenology models for insects and diseases with management recommendations. The system currently has models for codling moth, obliquebanded leafroller, Pandemis leafroller, Western Cherry fruit fly, apple maggot, San Jose Scale, Campylomma bug, Lacanobia fruit worm, fireblight, and storage scald. We will soon be adding Peach Twig borer, cherry powdery mildew, and apple scab.

WSU-DAS is based on weather data collected by the Washington State University AgWeather Net System, a wireless network of weather stations distributed throughout the state. The data from this system is collected in near real-time and used to run the phenology models for the insects and temperature and temperature/wetness-driven models for diseases mentioned above. The output gives the current status of the population and management recommendations for activities critical for IPM. There is also a prediction of the near future (up to 10 days out, depending on the model), based on weather predictions from the US Weather Service. We have also integrated into the system a pesticide database that indicates the materials available for the pest, other pests controlled, and effects on natural enemies (if known). The choices are presented in an easy to compare table that also includes information on the re-entry time, pre-harvest intervals, rates, and general use recommendations and restrictions

WSU-DAS is open to the public. However, all users must register and agree to the conditions of use befor logging in for the first time.

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Phenology and Management Spreadsheet

The excel spreadsheet (and use instructions) gives both predictions of the phenology and management for codling moth, Pandemis leafroller, Obliquebanded leafroller, Western Cherry Fruit Fly, San Jose Scale, and apple maggot. The spreadsheet uses custom written visual basic routines that calculate the degree-days from user entered data, then uses phenology models to give a prediction of the current state of the population and whatever management actions would be appropriate. There is also a projection 10 days into the future using the degree-days accumulated for the past 10 days.

This model was an intermediate step in the development of the WSU-Decision Aid System (WSU-DAS) that is a web-based version of the spreadsheet with nine different insect and disease models.  The web-based system uses near real-time temperature data from WSU-AgWeather Net.  That system can be found at and is currently up and operating.  It uses real-time weather forecasts and has an integrated pesticide recommendation database. We recommend that you use the web-based version, as the spreadsheet will be phased out next year. It includes a link to the pesticide recommendation databases and Orchard Pest Management Guide (PDF guide).


This version of the spreadsheet is to be considered a BETA version. It is currently undergoing testing and revisions are being made to address any problems. If you download this spreadsheet, you should check back here frequently for updates.

The recommendations and models are appropriate to Eastern Washington fruit growing areas, these should not be used in other areas without validation.

Download the spreadsheet instructions     Download the spreadsheet

Palm Pilot & Personal Computer Pesticide Recommendation Databases

Information about these databases can be found here

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