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Tawnee Wilburn Melton

Associate in Research

Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center
1100 N Western Ave. Wenatchee, WA
Phone: 509-663-8181 ext. 286
Fax: 509-663-8714

Research/Professional Interests

  • Parasitoids of Pandemis and oblique-banded leafrollers, including their phenology, movement patterns and viability as biocontrol agents
  • Movement of codling moth between areas of mating disruption (MD) and non-mating disruption, and movement of codling moth between managed and unmanaged areas
  • Developing practical and efficient lab methods and protocols to use with


Western Washington University - 2000

  • Bachelor of Science - Botany

Informational Items Available as PDFs

Poster Presentations

Diversity & Timing of Parasitoids Attacking Leafrollers PDF-2003

Marking Insects with Proteins, Possible Modes & Methods PDF-2004

Movement of Codling Moth Adults within an Orchard PDF-2005

Informational Handouts

Pictoral guide of orchard Syrphids. download PDF

Steffan, S.A. 2009. Parasitic Hymenoptera in LPD trap liners: a guide for identifying common specimens. photos by T. Wilburn. download PDF

Recent Publications

Jones VP, JR Hagler, JF Brunner, CC Baker, TD Wilburn.  2006.  An inexpensive immunomarking technique for studying movement patterns of naturally occurring insect populations (Forum Section).  (J. Envir. Entomol., Vol 35,  Pgs. 827-836).

Jones VP, CC Eastburn, TD Wilburn, and JF Brunner. 2005. Instar specific phenology of Pandemis pyrusana and Choristoneura rosaceana in Washington apple orchards. (J. Econ. Entomol., submitted)

Jones VP, MD Doerr, JF Brunner, CC Eastburn, TD Wilburn, NG Wiman. 2005. A synthesis of temperature-dependent developmental rate for obliquebanded leafroller, Choristoneura rosaceana (Harris) Lepidoptera: Tortricideae). (J. Insect Sci. submitted)

Jones VP, JR Hagler, JF Brunner, CC Eastburn, TD Wilburn. 2005. Developing marking systems for study of landscape-level movement patterns of insects. (For Ecological Methods, in prep)

Addition PDF listings

Affiliated Projects:

Development of Protein Markers for Landscape-level Movement Patterns of Insects

Insect Immuno-Marking Studies

Insect Ecology & Behavior


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