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Sampling Methodologies

While much of our work is focused on providing a strong theoretical framework for modifying IPM programs, we also work on the “nuts and bolts” underlying implementation of IPM programs. We have developed sampling protocols for codling moth that are used to meet export protocols for the Taiwan quarantine, as well as field-level sampling protocols for obliquebanded and Pandemis leafrollers.

Phenology Models

Our lab has been active over time at developing and improving phenology models that can guide IPM decisions. For example, we developed phenology models for obliquebanded and Pandemis leafrollers and have shown through rigorous analysis that codling moth models do not require a biofix for accurately estimating egg hatch and flight curves. The latter point is of extreme importance because uncertainty in when biofix occurred was a key factor affecting proper use of the codling moth model.

WSU Decision Aid System (DAS)

Finally, our lab has taken the lead on developing, updating, and improving IPM decision-making by developing WSU’s on-line decision support system ( This system integrates environmental data from WSU-AgWeather Net, site-specific weather data from NOAA, insect and disease models, time-specific management recommendations, and pesticide information (including efficacy on pests and natural enemies). Our goal is to add the natural enemy models developed through our enhanced BC project, and then modify management programs to optimize pest mortality and minimize effects on natural enemies. We will also be integrating resistance management recommendations into the system in the near future.




Vincent P. Jones

Professor & Entomologist

Department of Entomology, Washington State University Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center, Wenatchee, WA 98801

(509) 663-8181 ext. 273 (phone) (509) 662-8714 (fax)



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