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Callie Eastburn Baker

Associate in Research

Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center
1100 N Western Ave. Wenatchee, WA
Phone: 509-663-8181 ext. 287
Fax: 509-663-8714

Research/Professional Interests

  • Parasitoids of Pandemis and oblique-banded leafrollers, including their phenology, movement patterns and viability as biocontrol agents
  • Movement of codling moth between areas of mating disruption (MD) and non-mating disruption, and movement of codling moth between managed and unmanaged areas.  


Montana State University 1999

  • Bachelor of Science - Microbiology
  • Bachelor of Science - Biology
Curriculum vitae (PDF)

Poster Presentations Available as PDFs

Effect of Bt on the Development of Leafrollers: Implications fro IPM and Organic Production of Apples. PDF-2002

Effects of Sublethal Doses of Bt and Intrepid™ in the Lab and in the Field. PDF-2003

Movement of Obliquebanded Leafroller Between Apple and Cherry Crops. PDF-2004

Dispersal of the Leafroller Parasitoid, Colpoclypeus florus, from Rose/Strawberry Gardens to to Adjacent Apple Orchards. PDF-2005

Recent Presentations

Jones VP, CC Baker, TD Wilburn and TR Unruh.  2006. Movement of the leafroller parasitoid Colpoclypeus florus between rose/strawberry gardens and apple orchards. Western Orchard Pest and Disease Management Conference. Portland, OR. 11-13 January.

Recent Proceedings & Publications

Jones VP, JR Hagler, JF Brunner, CC Baker and TD Wilburn. 2006. An inexpensive immunomarking technique for studying movement patterns of naturally occurring insect populations. Environ Entomol. 35:827-836.

Jones, VP, CC Baker, TD Wilburn. 2006. Movement of codling moth between abandoned and commercial orchards. Proc Wash State Hort Soc. 102.

Jones, VP, CC Baker, TR Unruh. 2006. Movement of the leafroller parasitoid Colpoclypeus florus between rose/strawberry gardens and apple orchards. Orchard Pest and Disease Management Conference, Portland, OR. PDF

Affiliated Projects:

Development of Protein Markers for Landscape-level Movement Patterns of Insects

Insect Immuno-Marking Studies

Insect Ecology & Behavior

Outreach Projects

Callie performs many educational outreach activities aimed mostly at elementary school aged children interested in learning about the world of insects and how they relate to agriculture. If you would like to have Callie to visit your class or group please email her at the address to the left. Here's a list of schools and activities where she has appeared:

Lewis and Clark Elementary, Wenatchee, WA
St. Paul Lutheran Elementary, Wenatchee, WA
Waterville Library (summer learning program)
Awesome Apple Adventure, TFREC, Wenatchee WA
Master Gardeners (Okanogan County)


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