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Program Summary

The Insect Ecology and Behavior Laboratory is located at the Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center here in Wenatchee, WA. Under the leadership of Dr. Vincent Jones, the lab is dedicated to research using novel approaches to population ecology and behavior of insect pests attacking tree fruit. Work in the lab is currently focused on trying to improve IPM strategies by enhancing biological control. Towards this goal, Dr. Jones is the lead PI on a USDA- CREES Specialty Crop Research Initiative with colleagues here at WSU (Drs. Betsy Beers, Jay Brunner, Karina Gallardo at TFREC and Jessica Goldberger on the Pullman Campus), Drs. Dave Horton and Tom Unruh at USDA-ARS Wapato, Dr. Nick Mills at UC Berkeley, and Dr. Peter Shearer and Steve Castagnoli at Oregon State University. Dr. Jones’ lab is working on the use of attractants to help monitor natural enemies, and developing phenology models for key natural enemies (see the Enhanced BioControl link at the top left).

Dr. Jones’ lab is also heavily involved in the development and use of immuno-marking techniques to quantify movement of pests and natural enemies and how that movement affects population growth. The lab has also performed research showing how mating disruption affects population growth of codling moth and obliquebanded leafrollers and have found that delayed mating is a key factor in determining success or failure of mating disruption. Their work has also shown that natural delay of mating (primarily from wind speeds exceeding flight speeds) can affect population growth within an area and potentially modify management intensity.

In addition to the active research projects, Dr. Jones has undertaken the task of synthesizing the data and information available on IPM to make available the WSU Decision Aid System ( to help growers and fieldmen optimize their pest management strategies. This project will be expanding in the near future as phenology models developed in the enhanced BC project are completed and they are able to modify management programs to conserve natural enemies.


Vincent P. Jones

Professor & Entomologist

Department of Entomology, Washington State University
Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Phone: 509.663.8181 ext. 291 Fax: 509.662.8714


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