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New Insecticides for Apple and Pear IPM

Zeal (also known as Secure) (extoxazole) – Zeal comes from a new class of chemistry, diphenyloxazoline, with a unique mode of action. Zeal acts primarily as an ovicide, but has molt inhibiting activity against immature mites as well. Zeal works on contact and has translaminar movement.

Apple - Preliminary tests suggests that Zeal has good mite activity in apple. Zeal performs much like Acramite against twospotted spider mites, but may be more effective on European red mite.

Pear - Zeal has proven in field tests to be a very effective material in controlling twospotted spider mites on pear. Its activity is primarily ovicidal (like Savey and Apollo, though with a different mode of action). As such its effects in controlling mite populations are relatively slower than other compounds, and it likely will not prove to be a ‘rescue’ material.

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