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New Insecticides for Apple and Pear IPM

Nexter (formerly known as Pyramite) (pyridaben)- Nexter belongs to the pyridazinone class of miticides. Nexter’s mode of action is as a mitochondrial electron transport inhibitor (METI), blocking cellular respiration (similar to Fujimite and Kanemite). Practical resistance management would suggest that the use of METI miticides (either Nexter, Fujimite or Kanemite) be limited to one application/year.

Apple- Nexter has been shown to be an effective miticides in apple, possibly being more active against European red mites than twospotted spider mites. Nexter is also toxic to apple rust mites. Although apple rust mite can be considered a pest in very high densities, its presence is generally believed to be useful in maintaining populations of predatory mites.

Pear- Nexter has been shown to be an effective miticide in pear, with the highest activity against European red mites. Nexter provides good control of pear rust mites in most situations and generally acceptable, yet variable, control of twospotted spider mites. Nexter will also provide control of pear psylla in low to moderate pressure situations when applied at clusterbud. Pear psylla control is rate dependent, so rates may need to be increased as pear psylla densities increase.

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