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New Insecticides for Apple and Pear IPM

Mesa (milbemectin) - Mesa is similar to abamectin (Agri-Mek), with a similar spectrum of activity (mites, leafminer). Residual activity appears shorter than Agri-Mek's and cross-resistance must be a consideration. The motile forms of mites are the primary target.

Apple - Tests to date have shown reasonable mite activity.

Pear - Mesa’s similarity in mode of action to Agri-Mek provides it with activity against both spider mites and pear psylla. However, Mesa is only effective against spider mites at the labeled rates, and pear psylla control should not be attempted with Mesa at these rates. Mesa provides effective spider mite control. However, spider mite populations with developing resistance to Agri-Mek may not be controlled by applications of Mesa. Fortunately, Agri-Mek resistance in pear orchards is fairly limited in distribution in Washington.

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