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New Insecticides for Apple and Pear IPM

Kanemite (acequinocyl)- Kanemite belongs to the quinoline class of insecticides. Its mode of action is as a mitochondrial electron transport inhibitor (METI), blocking cellular respiration (similar to Nexter and Fujimite). Practical resistance management would suggest that the use of METI miticides (either Nexter, Fujimite or Kanemite) be limited to one application/year.

Apple- Only limited data exists on Kanemite’s potential in apple.

Pear- Kanemite appears to be a good miticide alternative for the control of twospotted spider mites in pear. Kanemite probably has activity against European red mite as well, however we have only limited and inconclusive data. Kanemite’s affect on pear rust mite is unknown.

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