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New Insecticides for Apple and Pear IPM

Insect Growth Regulators

Intrepid (methoxyfenozide) - Intrepid (and Confirm) acts to initiate a premature lethal molt in caterpillars. It is lethal because the insect is not able to complete the molt and dies within the old skin that it cannot shed. In some cases Intrepid will not kill the larva but the subsequent adult will not be able to reproduce. Intrepid has little or no contact activity and must be ingested by larvae to have a toxic effect. Intrepid has strong ovicidal activity whether applied topically or if eggs are laid on residues. Intrepid is very specific to lepidopteran pests and has the advantage over some older insecticides in having a short REI (4 hours) and PHI (14 days). (more...)

Confirm (tebufenozide) – Confirm has the same mode of action as Intrepid against lepidopteran larvae, however it has a much poorer ovicidal activity compared to Intrepid. (more...)

Esteem (pyriproxyfen) - This insect growth regulator functions as a juvenile hormone mimic. It can be a highly selective insecticide providing control of leafroller and codling moth (not Lacanobia fruitworm) without disrupting activities of biological control agents. Esteem has low toxicity to mammals and has a short worker reentry period (12 hours), but a long pre-harvest period (45 days). (more...)

Dimilin (diflubenzuron) – It is unlikely that Dimilin will ever have a label for use on apple, however our experiences on apple may help develop use patterns for the same pests on pear. Dimilin is another selective insect growth regulator. Dimilin inhibits chitin synthesis, which makes its mode of action unique compared to Intrepid or Esteem. (more...)

Diamond (Novaluron/difluorobenzamide) - Diamond is the next generation of benzoyl urea growth regulators, in the same class as Dimilin. Although similar to Dimilin in its targets and mode of action, we believe that Diamond is more active than Dimilin against those same pests. Diamond inhibits chitin synthesis and embryogenesis, which makes its mode of action unique compared to Intrepid or Esteem. Diamond's primary target is the egg stage, however it is also effective against early instar pear psylla. (more...)

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