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New Insecticides for Apple and Pear IPM

Envidor (spirodiclofen)- Envidor is from a new class of chemistry, tetronic acid, which disrupts the endocrine system, affecting energy production. Envidor is an IGR-type insecticide, so expect slow activity (vs. quick knock down). Envidor is not acutely toxic to adults. Envidor may affect some insect pests as well as mites, but has not been well studied in tree fruits. There is evidence on other crops that oil may be antagonistic to Envidor, thus current recommendations caution against the use of oil as an adjuvant.

Apple - Results to date have shown that Envidor has promising activity against mites. One example of a trial conducted on a rising population showed the typical slow activity expected of an IGR insecticide. After five days, a population of 10-15 mites/leaf was still present, but sufficient control for the rest of the season was noted.

Pear - Envidor has been demonstrated in field tests to be an effective miticide. Its activity is much like that of Acramite and Secure, in that they all work well to control moderate populations and suppress high populations. These products will likely not be adequate ‘rescue’ treatments due to their relatively slow activity. Envidor will fit well with Acramite and Zeal in an acaricide resistance management program as all three miticides effectively employ different modes of action.

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