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New Insecticides for Apple and Pear IPM

Acramite (bifenazate)- Acramite is a hydrazine compound from a relatively new class of chemistries, carboxylic acid ester. Its mode of action is a GABA (gamma-aminobutryric acid) agonist in insects, but has not been confirmed in mites. Acramite was recently registered for use on tree fruits, including apple, pear, peach, nectarine, plums, prunes. Acramite is primarily used against motile stages, but may have some ovicidal activity.

Apple - Acramite appears to be a specific, selective miticide, with good activity against spider mites. No rust mite activity.

Pear - Acramite has proven to be a very effective miticide in pear. Acramite can control low to moderate populations of twospotted spider mites, and will suppress heavy infestations. Heavy infestations, where leaf damage has occurred and defoliation has already begun, will require another miticide to be used with Acramite. This material is limited to one application per year in pear. This limitation will hopefully slow the first development of resistance to this compound, and maintain its usefulness in pear for the future.

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