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Quick Identification Guide to Apple Postharvest Defects & Disorders Cards

Introducing the Defects & Disorders card sets for assisting quality control and cull analysis personnel identify many of the common defects found on the sorting line. The cards are designed to be a quick visual reference guide to insect damage, diseases, physiological disorders, sunburn issues and more. Each card set contains single sided full color pages measuring 6 inches by 4 inches and is bound by a removable screw clasp with a folding loop allowing the set to be hung, or carried in a pocket. Card sets are available through the Good Fruit Grower. Shown below are the introductory cards. The Contents page has live links to the different color coded sections. For ordering information go to Credits & Order Information . The cards shown on this site are slightly modified to accomodate web formatting. Figures may appear fragmented in some browsers. Please report viewing problems here. Any reproduction of the card images or content without permission is in violation of WSU Copyright policies.



Introduction card
The Quick Identification Guide was designed to be an easy reference for packinghouse quality control workers. It should help to identify the most common defects and disorders encountered both before and after storage. The guide includes different types of disorders, such as Arthropods (insects & mites), Diseases, Physiological, etc., that are grouped in color-coded sections for easy searching.
Several of the disorders shown here have given the industry difficulty because they either look very similar
to other disorders, or are the subject of disagreement as to their cause. For the purpose of this guide, only a name for the defect is given without assigning a specific cause. It is hoped that by assigning a standard name to the defect, a better accounting of the incidence can be determined.
The cards in this set are intended to be separate modules. This will allow for updates and additions to be provided as new information becomes available.



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