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World Distribution of Codling Moth


Codling moth has a large distribution world wide, present on all continents except Greenland and Antartica. The bulk of the distristribution lies above 30 degrees N latitude or below 30 degrees S latitude. The exceptions to this are areas of Mexico south to about 23 degrees N latitude (Tropic of Cancer) and areas of South Africa and Australia north to about 23 degrees S latitude (Tropic of Capricorn). However, host plants and growing conditions exist in other parts of the world that could allow invasion of codling moth if it were to reach those areas. Combine with this the fact that commercial hosts are being planted in these areas that never had codling moth and you have the potential for successful spread of this pest. This is why many countries or regions have strict quarantine regulations for importation of potentially infested host fruits. Successful colonization of codling moth into these quaratine areas could have a significant impact on that country's economy.

The world map below shows countries color-coded based on presence of codling moth and its host plants. The countries shaded in yellow indicate both the presence of host palnts and codling moth. Countries shown in green indicate that the host plants grow there, but presence of codling moth has not been confirmed. Countries in green maintain quarantined markets requiring import permits and inspections or certification of codling moth free fruit. Peru is shown in red, indicating that host plants are present and codling moth has been reported to be present, but confirmation is pending.


Map Color Key:

Yellow = codling moth & host plants occur
Green = host plants occur, but presence of codling moth not confirmed
Red = host plants occur, codling moth reported but confirmation is pending

CM world map


This map was developed at the request of Northwest Horticultural Council. Use of this map is by permission only. Contact the NHC for imformation: (509) 453-3193.



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