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Tree Fruit Research Center Entomologists

Entomologists at the Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center located in Wenatchee, WA strive to develop better pest management practices through advancements in the understanding of insect biology, behavior, and the interactions between orchard ecosystems and the inputs that are necessary to produce quality tree fruit crops.

Jay F. Brunner ~ Direct Insect Pests in Apple

Jay Brunner's research interests include integrated pest management of insect pests on tree fruit crops, development of sampling methods and thresholds, development of predictive models of insect phenology, evaluating biological control agents of tree fruit pests and use of mating disruption as a tactic for management of Lepidoptera pests of tree fruit.

Elizabeth H. Beers ~ Indirect Insect Pests in Apple

Elizabeth Beers' research interests include plant-herbivore interaction and the influence on yield and productivity, integrated biological control, and establishing baselines and promoting resistance management for tetranychid mite pests of apple and pear.

Pear Entomology

Pear Entomology Pressure from pests is the chief management concern of pear growers in Washington. Under otherwise optimal conditions, a variety of strategies have been employed to bring excellent and environmentally safe fruit to the market. WSU scientists have been globally at the forefront of research.

Vincent P. Jones ~ Insect Ecology & Behavior

Vince Jones' research interests include biological control and the use of population biology and insect behavior to guide the development of optimal management programs. His work includes the development of phenology models for pests and natural enemies, use of HIPV to provide better sampling tools for natural enemies, use of protein markers to examine local movement of pests and natural enemies, and the population biology of how mating disruption works. He has also led the effort to develop and implement the WSU-Decision Aid System, which is a decision support system to help guide stakeholders management programs.

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